Exotic Animals Await

Experience Exotic Animals Like Never Before!

Have you ever wanted to pet a zebra? Ever wondered what a buffalo looks like up close? Ever wish you were surrounded by exotic animals that you could never see in Mississippi? Cypress Point Resort Safari Tours is the answer for you! With hundreds of animals to view and over 40 different exotic species, we offer an experience like no other.



Safari Park, Drive-Thru and Petting Zoo:  
Check in at General Store

MondaySunday|  10:00 AM– 6:00 PM
* NOTE: Closed to public January & February.

Per person  | $15
2 and under  | FREE

Per person  | $5
2 and under  | FREE

Jeep Rental  | $35*
Carrots | $5
Feed (1 Cup) | $4
Minnows | $3
Bus Rental & Pavllion | $350

Safari Admission not included

What To Know

Before You Get Here

  • Check in at the General Store
  • Jeep Drivers must be 18 years old and have a valid Drivers License
  • The animals are friendly and will come right up to your car to be fed
  • Please never exit your vehicle
  • Please do not hang out the window
  • Please do not bring your pets
  • All vehicles must have 4 wheels and doors
  • Guests may not ride in the back of trucks
  • Please do not throw any trash out in the Safari Park or animal experiences
  • Please do not feed the animals anything but the feed or carrots provided by Cypress Point Resort
  • Please obey any instructions given by Safari Staff when it comes to our Animals
  • Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @cypresspointresort to have your photos featured

Safari FAQs

Drive-Thru Safari Tour
Offered Monday – Sunday  | 10am – 6pm
$15* (per participant)

Children 2 and under are FREE

* 1 Cup of Feed is included in the Drive-Thru Safari Tour price.

Additional Feed:
Carrots | $5
Feed (1 Cup) | $4

You do not have to purchase your tickets ahead of time for the Drive-Thru Safari Tour.

We do require advance booking for our Jeep Tours. [Click here] to Book a Jeep Tour. These are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Please check in at the General Store.

The Petting Zoo is an additional $5 per Participant.

Children 2 and under are FREE

Monday – Sunday | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

A cup of Feed is included in the Drive-Thru Safari Tour price.

Feed is NOT Included for the Petting Zoo.

Additional Feed can be purchased if desired.

  • Carrots: $5
  • 32 oz cup: $4
  • 2 Gallon Bucket: $14
  • 5 Gallon Bucket: $24

Guests can arrive anytime before 5:00 PM to purchase tickets for the Drive-Thru Safari.

Safari Closes at 6 PM.

Please check in at the General Store for all tours.

Cypress Point Safari Rules and Regulations

By making a reservation with Cypress Point Safari Tours, you accept and agree to our rules and regulations. The safety of our Guests and Animals is our main concern. Cypress Point Safari Tour reserves the right to deny admission, or to require a person already admitted to leave the grounds, without refund, liability or compensation if we consider that the circumstances so require. We retain the right to amend or make changes to this policy as needed.

  1. For our animal’s safety, Cypress Point Resort Safari Tour is smoke free! We do not allow smoking on the tour or in the waiting area, this includes e-cigarettes, vapes, etc.

  2. Never enter any animal enclosure or fence unless escorted by a Cypress Point Resort staff member.

  3. Pets of any kind are prohibited from the tours for the animals’ health and safety. Do not leave pets in your car while on the tour.

  4. Please note that service animals are not permitted on the safari tour or in the petting zoo. Cypress Point Resort makes every effort to accommodate service dogs within the guidelines set forth through the ADA. All service animals must be leased at all times with no exceptions for the safety of your animal and ours while outside your vehicle on property.

  5. We ask that you respect our animals and treat them with the respect they deserve. This is their home. Please do not yell, throw objects, or threaten our animals. Foreign objects like coins, straws, gum, and plastic can injured and even kill the animals. Please do not throw trash anywhere but in a trash container.

  6. Do not bring outside food or drinks for our animals. Any food that is not a part of their diet can be harmful to the animal. We ask that you only feed the animals approved food from us.

  7. Children under 12 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times.

  8. Shirts & shoes are required at all times.

  9. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the property.

  10. We do not allow solicitation of any kind.

  11. We reserve the right to escort any individual or group from Cypress Point Resort grounds if they are acting in a way that is deemed harmful for our animals or park.

  12. Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without express permission of Cypress Point Resort Safari Tours. Request should be sent through our contact form.

  13. Cypress Point Resort Safari Tours may photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce the image and /or voice of any person who enters the tour and use without permission or payment.

[ Download Rules & Regulations ]

Yes! We do require that a waiver be signed in order to enter any area of our Safari Park.

A Copy of our Waiver can be found below.

DOWNLOAD: Cypress Point Resort Waiver

Cypress Point Safari Tours are conducted outdoors and are subject to the weather. Our Drive-Thru Safari tour is open regardless of rain. If we see lightening with a 5 mile radius, Cypress Point will halt admission to the Drive-Thru Safari for customers safety until the lightening has pass.

We only offer group rates for Schools, Churches, and Non-Profit organizations with 30 or more participants.

[ Learn More ]

Yes! Guests drive their own vehicles through the Safari Park when doing the Drive-Thru Safari Tour.

For Guests not wanting to drive their own vehicles through we offer Jeeps that can be rented for Self Drive Tours for up to 5 people at a time.

Jeep Rentals are $35 for the jeep plus Safari Admission per participant.

Safari admission is $15.

Please note: Jeep Tours are rented on a first come first serve basis if not booked online.

[ Learn More ]

Yes! Anyone that enters the Safari Park is required to pay admission,
regardless if they are participating in feeding the animals or not.